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The most unexpected thing about working with me as a coach is how little we actually talk about feelings. 


Feelings are powerful. They are behind every action we take, and our actions are what create our results.


It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

So what’s more powerful than the feeling itself?


It’s the thoughts that create the feelings you have. 


It’s how you choose to see things that have the power to create results. 


It’s how you decide to think. 


As a coach I spend very little time addressing how you’re feeling. 

We talk about what you’re thinking.

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For example: If your thoughts are critical, you will feel like you aren’t enough and your actions will be fueled by doubt, underserving you and your business.

If your thoughts are loving towards yourself, you feel worthy and your actions will be fueled by confidence, and your results will also be enough. 

In other words your thoughts create your results.

Coaching is for people who want to take control of their results. 

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