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No matter what your current relationship status is, even if you are on the fence about staying or leaving. I want you to know that extraordinary love is available to you no matter the outcome because the work happens within you first and foremost. 

Extraordinary Love is built on authenticity and radical self-acceptance.  

Inside my group programs and one-on-one coaching we focus on restoring the emotional intimacy in your relationship by picking up skills and beneficial mindsets that serve you becoming the most vibrant version of yourself. So that you can make space for extraordinary love to thrive and grow freely.


Together we spend quality time working on skills that bring you extraordinary love. You’ll know it’s working when people begin treating you how you’ve always wanted to be treated. 


I work with women to elevate their relationships to extraordinary new heights in two ways, one-on-one coaching and group coaching with like-minded women.

One-on-one private coaching gives us the opportunity to delve deep into your specific self-work and relationship skills coaching in the privacy of your own home.

Group coaching for singles and married women gives you the opportunity to collaborate and connect with like-minded women to grow along side with.

(12 week program/bi-weekly meetup $350)

If you are ready to receive extraordinary love contact me to book a Free in-home consultation and learn more about working together in a one-on-one setting or join the waitlist for the singles and married women’s groups.

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