I've experienced astounding growth in my business over the past few years and had to overcome countless obstacles to get here:

- Scarcity money mindset

- Stepping out of my comfort zone

- Making organic connections

I've learned that when the mind doesn't feel certain, neither are the actions one takes. 

The unsettling feeling of uncertainty can hold back the best of intentions. Especially when it comes to business.

So what if we acknowledge that the feeling of uncertainty is the only thing holding us back from the life we want.

When we allow doubt and fear into our minds, our actions are fueled by our uncertainties. 

Contrary, when we create intentional thoughts about what we want, we are also creating certainty. 

In other words, once you decide on thoughts that serve you, you can now let go of those that don't. 

This is why intentional thought creation is essential.

Organizing is simply the metaphor.


My name is Angelica Dix, founder of Dixco Life & Home Organizing and I have something new to offer.

I want to hold your hand as you move past uncertainty into a place of intentional thought creation.

The mission is to clear your mind of thoughts that do not serve you having the life you want in order to get the results you truly desire.


I am now offering one-on-one coaching to support intentional thought creation.


This offer helps you get clear on what you want and fuels you with belief.

Breakthrough Sessions

$250 in person (up to 2 hrs.)

$125 online call (90 minutes)

$2,000 package (20 hours)

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