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"Angelica’s passion is absolutely inspiring and contagious. In our consultation, she helped me map out what my true goals for my life were and then helped create a game plan to get my home to reflect that. Morgan helped in the kitchen and was so kind but also helped by asking the hard questions when I struggled to let go of things I had accumulated that no longer served me. The kitchen edit set off a spark in me to has now led to me FINALLY being able to work on home renovation projects that previously I just felt stuck on.” 

—  Franchesca


How long does the Complete Home Transformation usually take?

Our typical transformation can be complete in 50 hours. We have decluttered entire homes in as little as three weeks. However, every project takes on a unique pace we usually meet with our clients on a weekly schedule.

What is the move-in process like?

Move-in jobs are a two phase process, we begin with opening and unpacked as much as possible. Once things are sorted and functional we work through the Complete Home Roadmap to ensure a fresh start in your new home.

Do you help with packing for a move too?

We support moving preparations by decluttering and organizing items, however we do not physically pack items away into boxes.

Do I need to be there for the entire process?

Our clients enjoy the experience of working with our organizers, typically they are very hands-on especially for decluttering projects. However, in some cases we can manage a 'done for you' experience once we consult and product plan for the space. These days many of our clients are working from home and are able to jump in and out of the process to make decisions and go back to their work.

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