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“I'm really glad I made the investment to getting my home organized. After living here 2 years the space never quite felt "moved in." Four sessions later, my home truly has a fresh energy to it. Probably the best part is that maintaining my space is so much easier now that everything has a "home." Thank you!” 

—  Roslynn

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How long does the Complete Home Transformation usually take?

Every home is unique, we plan for 50 hours of one-on-one support. During our time together you are working through the roadmap with support then completing assignments between sessions.

What is the move-in process like?

Move-in jobs are a two phase process, we begin with opening and unpacked as much as possible. Once things are sorted and functional we work through the Complete Home Roadmap to ensure a fresh start in your new home with systems that support you.

Do you help with packing for a move to?

We support moving preparations by decluttering and organizing items, however we do not physically pack items away into boxes.

Will you make me get rid of things I don’t want to?

Never! We support you making decisions that bring you joy. The purpose of decluttering is to remove the items that no longer serve the vision you have for your life moving forward. 


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