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Explore Your Tidying Mindset

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Before you begin our organizing process, take time to understand your relationship to what you own. Discover the 4 Tidying Mindsets we've encountered over and over again. Get to know the mindset behind your habits to eliminate clutter once and for all.

The Perfectionist.

Tidy Perfectionist place a strong emphasis on controlling their environment. We prioritize achievements and are always described as driven and ambitious. Perfectionist can be skeptical and feel anxious about letting go, at least at first. But once the ball gets rolling, the process moves quickly due to our assertive and decisive nature. Create a vision of how your space can support and inspire you to achieve the things that matter most to you.

What challenges do perfectionist face when letting go:

- Perfectionists value personal freedom, therefor they want to have plenty of options.

- They crave a plan and can get anxious about the unknown, so they own plenty of things just in case.

How to stay motivated to let go:

- Remind yourself that being intentional about what you own creates an environment where you can achieve the goals that matter most to you. Chasing the dream is worth the space. Be brave by letting go of excess stuff that is truly part of a scarcity mindset holding you back.

The Influencer.

Tidy Influencers place a strong emphasis on the energy in their environment. They prioritize having a beautiful home and are used to being complimented by the unique pieces they own. Generally people describe as their influencer friends as optimistic and enthusiastic because of how they inspire and uplifting the room. Influencers tend to be open minded during our process and vulnerable with their feelings about what they own. If you are an influencer, we appreciate you! You're a ball of fun energy and it's a great time working with you.

What challenges do influencers face when letting go:

- They worry that their space might loose character and sparkle.

- Letting go of items out of trend or that no longer fits their current lifestyle.

How to stay motivated to let go:

- Remind yourself that being intentional about what you own supports your personal growth. Our process can inspire clarity and authenticity as you let go of what no longer fits your lifestyle. We want you to have a space that support a thriving future.

The Giver.

Tidy Givers place a strong emphasis on helping others and giving back to their community. They prioritize the greater good and can be described as compassionate and stable. Givers thrive with systems they can count on and are therefore reluctant to quick changes. We want our giver clients to trust our process and believe that these positive changes are worth adapting to.

What challenges do Givers face when letting go:

- Letting go of gifts that no longer serve them, fears offending the person who gave it to them.

- Holding onto sentimental items that represent special relationships and gifts.

How to stay motivated to let go:

- Remind yourself that being intentional about what you own helps the entire household to flow better and thrive together. Letting go of social opinions or expectations empowers you to show up with more of your true self to offer the ones who matter most. It's okay to take care of you. In fact it's crucial, it's everything! Self-care and organization go hand in hand, take time to fill your cup by trusting in this process.

The Analytical Type.

Tidy Analytical Types place strong emphasis on quality and accuracy. They prioritize opportunities to gain knowledge and can be described as systematic. Analytical Types tend to agree with minimalist philosophies because they can appreciate the analytics of owning less. It makes sense to only keep what you use and let go of what no longer has purpose in your life.

What challenges do Analytical Types face when letting go?

- The mindset: "If it fits, what's the problem?"

- Our detailed process of letting go can feel repetitive and drawn out.

How to stay motivated to let go:

- Remind yourself that being intentional about what you own prioritizes quality over quantity. Letting go is a part of learning and elevating your standards in life. And lastly, just don't give up. Shedding the old gives opportunity for the new. Stick to it and I promise you, you will thrive!

Final thoughts...

Letting go is hard work, but remember less is more. Our process is designed to encourage you to get intentional about what you own, so that you can create an environment to thrive from!

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