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Take the Quiz: Discover Your Tidying Mindset

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This quiz is a creative brainstorming exercise designed to encourage you to explore your relationship with your things. Take this short quiz and challenge yourself to be truly intuitive with your answers. No overthinking it!

  1. For your next home, what would be your favorite dream scenario?

A. Unlimited interior design budget for unique artistic decor and furnishings!

B. Awesome backyard entertaining space! Decked out with the pool of your dreams!

C. A beautiful warm and inviting cozy forever home.

D. A lucrative investment guaranteed to more than DOUBLE your investment down the road.

2. When are you most motivated to tidy up?

A. I need a tidy space before I can focus on doing anything! Cleaning up is actually quite therapeutic for me, I crave order.

B. When company is on their way!

C. When the household is working together to tidy up as a team.

D. When I can no longer ignore it.

3. What items are you the most attached to?

A. Pieces I've worked hard for such as expensive handbags and collections.

B. Unique pieces that express my lifestyle and where I've been. And definitely pieces that tell my story!

C. Gifts and pieces associated with special memories, events, and dear relationships.

D. Pieces I created myself and worked hard to re-invent and repair.

4. What do you wear?

A. I like to look and feel put together. You gotta look good, to feel good!

B. I wear pieces that I feel comfortable and myself in. Oh and it MUST be flattering.

C. I appreciate all things soft and cozy. Overall, I dress pretty comfortable and simple.

D. I definitely value quality pieces over quantity.

5. How do you work to achieve your goals?

A. Enthusiastically! I am always seeking new opportunities and chasing down a dream!

B. I gear up and strive for an enjoyable experience while achieving my goals.

C. I enjoy working as a team, it's important to me that I feel appreciated and encouraged.

D. I do whatever it takes to ensure quality and accuracy.

6. What do you appreciate about working in a team environment?

A. I love to contribute, I have lots of ideas and always express them!

B. I appreciate diversity. I can pretty much work with anyone!

C. I enjoy working together. I am pretty good at understanding everyone's point of view.

D. I prefer to work independently but also appreciate learning from others.

7. Who are your idols, mentors, and role-models?

A. People who achieve their dreams with pure passion and dedication.

B. People who keep it real and have earned respect from the community.

C. Leaders who advocate for world peace.

D. Inventors and creators who have changed the world.

If the majority of your answers are A you might be a Perfectionist.

If the majority of your answers are B you a lucky enough to be an Influencer!

If you choose a lot of C answers, consider yourself an Researcher.

And finally, if you answered with D's you're quite the Analytical Type. But I bet you already knew that.

Read more about your specific organizing style below.

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