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We’ve made it our job to walk you through every step of creating an organized life. 

So that you stay motivated, and actually follow through. 

We show you everything you need to know in order to align your environment to your vision in our online course.

We’ve made it easy to hold yourself accountable inside our community resources.

Our tools save you time & decision making drama.

Utilize our Decision Making Model to get to know and understand how you make decisions, so that you can make empowered choices with confidence and purpose. 


When you declutter your home:

You have space to…


- Achieve your goals.

- Learn something new. 

- Create.

- Attract what you want.

You spend…


- Less time tidying up.

- Less money on waste. 

- Less time looking for your stuff.

- Less time in overwhelm.

The Ultimate Life & Home Organizing Guide


11 Online Video Modules on demand for 1 year


Vision Workbook


Complete Home Organizing Workbook


Private Facebook Group

- Celebrate Progress

- Live Q&A

- Accountability

- Chat Support 

The Fundamentals of Organizing

Module 1: Organizing 101- Learning the basics

Module 2: Decluttering- The 4-step process

Module 3: Elevate- Setting Standards

Module 4: Kitchen Organizing- Getting Started

Module 5: Closet Organizing- Becoming your future self

Module 6: Kid Tips- Supporting their journey

And more than just organizing…

Module 7: Stages to Create an Organized Lifestyle


Module 8: The Troll Village- The Decision Making Model 

Module 9: The Model- The ultimate self-coaching tool

Module 10: 3 Year Self-Concept- Discovering the future you

Module 11: Declutter Your To-Do List- Overcoming overwhelm 

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