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Group sessions are for empowering women in community and connections. Give quality time to yourself with the purpose of prioritizing You. 

Connecting with women is a powerful way to surround yourself with support and fulfilling friendships. 

Each group session is filled with activities and opportunities to share and learn from like-minded women. 

I lead the group in specific session topics designed to expend your mind and capacity to take action in your life. 




Are you ready to become the priority?

Letting go of tension and stress is easier than you think, and working on you doesn’t mean everything else has to fall apart.

You don’t have to be a considered selfish or inconsiderate to put yourself first. 

It’s as simple as saying yes to dignity, self-respect, kindness and healthy emotional connections..

Join my 6 session group program, that I’m hosting in my home. I will walk you through every step of letting go of self-criticism and show you how putting yourself first is actually in service to your highest purpose. 

We will be meeting on a bi-weekly schedule in-person at my home beginning in May. You will receive tools to support your journey including online videos and workbooks. For a total cost of $350

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