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After letting go of my corporate job and position as breadwinner of my family, in order to realign my life and become present with my daughters. I went all in on running my family and household like a business. 

I conducted one-on-one meetings with my partner and planned fun & engaging family meetings to keep us organized and in touch. I created a firm foundation including a family mission statement based on our core values. 

So when it came time to head back into the workforce, it was a no brainer that I could teach what I know to working moms trying to keep up with the demands of an engaged family life. 

I call my version of women empowerment at home, CEO Energy, that’s Chief Executive Organizer. 


I work with women to harmonize their home lives to extraordinary levels in two ways, one-on-one coaching in a professional partnership and group coaching with like-minded women.

Our one-on-one private partnership gives us the opportunity to delve deep into your family specific needs and organizational skills from the source. 

Group coaching for empowering women to embody CEO Energy with the opportunity to collaborate and connect with like-minded women to grow along side with. (12 wk program/bi-weekly meetup $350)

If you are ready to be the Chief Executive Organizer of your life contact me to book a Free In-Home Consultation and learn more about working together in a one-on-one setting or join the waitlist for the CEO mastermind group.

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