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Waking up to dirty dishes in the sink is like stepping in dog shit as soon as you step out of bed in the morning. 

“The dishes” is a whole thing. It’s a system of cooking, washing, drying, and putting away that equals too much work. 

No one wants to “do the dishes.”

Which means it’s easy to pass the buck, blame, and resent other members of the household, or even yourself.  

As a home organizer, I’ve seen some serious family throwdowns when I ask the simple question, “So who does the dishes?”

But it’s not the dishes fault, or yours, or anyone’s. 

Even if you’re a single person that’s not consistently doing your own dishes. It’s not because you’re lazy. So let that idea go. 

If the household isn’t in the execution phase of the triangle, dishes getting done smoothly doesn’t stand a chance. 

In order to truly have smooth operating habits and routines, you need to move your home through the 4 phases of the triangle. Establish Vision, Eliminate, Elevate, then Execute.   

In the kitchen that means to first design how your kitchen supports your ideal lifestyle. I want you to dream big about the meals you want to prepare, how you want meals served, and manifesting what inspires you most. 

Inside the Vision Workbook you can find more questions about how your kitchen can support holidays, special events, hosting, and even what restaurants and places you’ve traveled inspire your ideal home kitchen experience. 

In my sessions with clients I would ask what celebrity chefs or online influencers inspire them most. Answering these questions stimulates your mind to think outside of what your current circumstances are, so that you can manifest a lifestyle beyond what you’ve believed to be possible. 

Vision work prepares you for the elimination portion of the triangle. This is where you declutter anything that does not support and inspire your vision. 

Once you’ve made space, now you elevate your standards. This can be trying new recipes, meal prepping on Sundays, or buying new serveware. It’s whatever you’re inspired to do more of. 

So how does this make the war against “the dishes” any better?

Well, I’ve found that by the time my clients hit the execution level of the triangle they are pros at upleveling standards. The systems they’ve created through organizing supports and inspires their ideal routines. 

I should add that the kitchen can’t make it to the top of the triangle on its own. The home moves together. The smooth execution of dishes happens at the same time that the laundry system becomes systematic. 

The Ultimate Life & Home Organizing Guide shows you how to process through each phase of the triangle in every area of your home. Follow the roadmap to work space by space to execute a Complete Home Transformation. 

Inside our online course, you also have the Complete Home Organizing Workbook to guide you through every space on the roadmap. 

The best part about this new offer is that you get to work through this program at your own pace. In my personal experience of taking my home through this process for the first time, it took me 6 months to elevate my home into execution. That’s at a pace of organizing just one weekend per month. 

You can have a Complete Home Transformation by this summer if you start today!

That means no more cold wars over “the dishes” and more time living out your dreamy kitchen lifestyle. 

Join the 30-Day Challenge to kick things off with our support. We’ll be hosting group coaching calls weekly to answer your questions directly. Plus you’ll have access to us at anytime in our private facebook group for any support you need. 

Start today, and I’ll see you on Monday. 

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